CYCLOPS AMI Reviews - Solving Problems

Our Customers love CYCLOPS because it solves hard to read meter problems for them. Here is one example of a Customer in Oklahoma where they have to read a meter at a local correctional facility. Reading this meter took a lot of time because of making an appointment and difficulty to access the meter inside the facility under a locked lid. Here is what they had to say about how the CYCLOPS solved this issue for them:

"The problem we faced with the water meter at our prison; was the amount of time it took to gain access and egress to our meter. The CYCLOPS program seemed to be the answer and so far, it is such a great asset to our meter readers by reducing wait time on a really tight schedule. The reading is crystal clear and we are able to see if there is a problem with the meter long before they have used hundreds of thousand gallons with the meter stuck!


The box arrived as promised and our senior meter reader read through the instructions without any problem. He went out and was able to get this installed and working very easily. I am very impressed with the Cyclops software. Right out of the gate, I received an error message. But it was very clear to understand and I saw and understood in an instant what the problem was! Amazing in this high tech world!"

- City of Cushing, OK

See the actual pictures below of the correctional facility, the CYCLOPS installation on the meter, the antennae coming through the locked lid, and the actual photo CYCLOPS takes that the Customer can see in the office updated daily!

Cushing Correctional Facility.jpg

Correctional Facility in Oklahoma

Cushing Cyclops Installation.jpg

CYCLOPS Installed on Meter

Cushing Lid Locked.jpg

Antennae through locked pit lid.

Cushing Cyclops Installation2.jpg

Installation in Deep Vault at Facility

Cushing CYCLOPs photo.jpg

Actual CYCLOPS Photo Seen via Website

More Customer CYCLOPS Photos

Is your meter in a deep vault that fills with water, or does the meter box fill with dirt or mud?

We can solve your problem! Read those meters without ever having to leave the office.

Choctaw CYCLOPS Installation.jpg
Nassau Bay CYCLOPS Installation.jpg