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Meter Independent Photo-based AMI

  No Meter Changeout Required


The CYCLOPS™ Cellular Meter Interface Unit (CMIU) is an innovative, two-way AMI water solution that allows for quick and cost-effective automation of virtually any meter – direct read or encoded output.  Utilities no longer have to initiate expensive and problematic meter replacement programs in order to automate, and they don’t have to build costly and maintenance-intensive private networks.


Operation: The CYCLOPS with Smart Imager™ (CSI) allows utilities to automate direct read registers by photographing and “reading” the odometer.  The Smart Imager is easy to install directly over the meter’s odometer, and because of its innovative design, it does not interfere with the ability to visually read the meter.  The CYCLOPS can also connect to any 3-wire output encoder, so virtually every meter type is supported.   All data is sent at night over existing cellular infrastructure and posted to the CYCLOPS Server for utility reporting, validation, and export to billing.


Activation: All CYCLOPS CMIUs are shipped inactive, in a non-transmitting mode. Activation is achieved thru a magnet swipe; confirmation of successful setup is provided via LEDs on the side of the CMIU and over SPMR SmartPhone software.


Power Management:  CYCLOPS CMIUs are available in 10 and 20 year plus battery configurations to optimize the ROI goals of utilities. 


Configuration: All CYCLOPS CMIUs communicate with the CYCLOPS Server to receive configuration commands. Units can be configured for reading/photo intervals and for their transmit frequency.  This design eliminates the need for onsite programming, saving time and money.


Output Message: The CYCLOPS broadcasts its unique serial number, meter reading data, photos and applicable status indicators. Each message is transmitted over a secure point-to-point cellular network connection that includes a real-time acknowledgment from the CYCLOPS Server. 


Configurations: The CYCLOPS CMIU is a multi-purpose, intelligent AMI device that can be deployed on virtually any direct read register and on all 3 wire encoded output registers. The CMIU body and battery assembly are fully potted for environmental integrity.


Support:  CYCLOPS integrates seamlessly with the SmartPhone Meter Reading (SPMR) System – a smartphone-based manual Meter Reading, AMI/Meter Installation, and Work Order Management system.


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